Riles Jorry

Level 4 Gunfighter


Name: Riles Jorry
O.C.C.: Gunfighter
Alignment: Anarchist
Level: 4
Gender: Male

I.Q.: 12
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 15
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 17
P.B.: 12
Spd: 28

S.D.C.: 45

Special Abilities:
“Weapons Master” – can pick up, figure out, and use most types of handguns and rifles as well as rail guns, rocket launchers, and light artillery.
“Weapon Repairs” – can take apart, clean and put together many types of weapons blindfolded.
“Quick-Draw Initiative” – Handguns & Rifles
W.P. Paired Weapons
W.P. Sharpshooting


Riles Jorry came to Lazlo all the way from the New West. Always an outlaw on the run, he grew weary of always looking behind his shoulder. While maintaining a streak of lawlessness, he found an unlikely new home in the city of Lazlo. He’s not too crazy about it, and it’s only a matter of time before he returns to the New West – richer and stronger than ever.

He met Hyde at a bar in a shady section of Lazlo. Hyde saw potential in Riles’ skills as a Gunfighter and always keeps him in mind as a solid, reliable traveling companion.

Riles Jorry

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