Hyde Williams

Level 5 Rogue Scholar


Name: Hyde Williams
O.C.C.: Rogue Scholar (Black Market)
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level: 5
Gender: Male

I.Q.: 16
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 23
P.S.: 12
P.P.: 10
P.E.: 10
P.B.: 12
Spd: 29

S.D.C.: 44
H.P.: 28

Special Abilities:
“Storyteller & Teacher”
Find Books and Historical Artifacts
Recognized Authenticity: 70%
Professional Restoration: 70%
Perception: +6

Black Market:
Faction: “The Immaterial Hand”
Ability: Antiquities Dealer
Ability: Read People


Hyde Williams is a well-educated man originating from the city of Lazlo. Though he studied at the finest learning institutions in Lazlo, he gained his most valuable knowledge on the streets. His love of pre-Rifts history led him led him down the path of the Black Market. Though this may seem like an unlikely path for someone as well-educated as Hyde, it actually worked out well for pre-Rifts artifacts are quite prevalent on the Black Market.

He found his way into the Black Market faction known as “The Immaterial Hand”, where he became an antiquities dealer. Hyde has sold and profited from pre-Rifts artifacts such as a soda can to household appliances.

While not a bad person at heart, Hyde looks out first are foremost for himself. What few “good” friends he has, he keeps close to him. All others are a means to an end – and usually a financial end.

Hyde Williams

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