Welcome to “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Madhaven”

This adventure is designed as a one-shot and is an event at GenCon 2013 (RPG1341987).

Official summary: Explore the ruins of Madhaven in search of a crucial (and priceless) pre-Rifts artifact. Be careful – you’re not alone and your most dangerous enemy may not be who you think it is.

A party of six adventurers with questionable motives, led by a Rogue Scholar known as ‘Hyde’, are making their way in to the ruins of Madhaven. Their goal: find and recover a pre-Rifts artifact believed to possess great power. The possessor of the so-called “charging bull” is granted several wishes and will receive continued financial success.

Does this so-called “charging bull” really possess these powers? Hyde isn’t convinced, but it doesn’t matter. As a dealer of antiquities, the party expects to get a nice payday out of this quest.

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It's a Mad Mad Mad Madhaven